Eterogen ?

``diverse in kind or nature,`` 1620s, from Medieval Latin heterogeneus, from Greek heterogenes, from heteros ``different`` (see hetero-) + genos ``kind, gender, race stock`` (from PIE root *gene- ``give birth, beget,`` with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups). Earlier in same sense was heterogeneal (c. 1600).

Because we believe in being diverse, in extending our views and artistic expression, because everybody is different and because Art soothes the soul in so many ways.

About us

We are not a traditional gallery, we’re mostly online ( there’s enough room there to showcase all of our brilliant artists ) but when it comes to putting up a show, we want you to really get immersed. Sure we’ll have that glass of wine and talk about the artists vision, but be prepared to be part of it all.
It’s not just a group show, it’s participative performance art, it’s a visit to an ephemeral artist studio, it’s a live concert – it’s about YOU entering the artists world – We bring the art scene closer to you, because we believe ART IS EXPERIENCE !
You won’t be leaving just with a work of art, you will be part of one !